?Whats Cooking At Cindy's WEb Works?

?Whats Cooking At Cindy's Web Works? Whats Cooking At Cindy's Web Works

" Hi"!!! Glad you stopped in!!!! Come on in and sit a spell. Hope you enjoy your visit!!

I have put up some of the better links for recipes.Most of these Companies will send you monthly e-mails of new recipes and ideas.Sometimes "free"stuff.Well I hope you all really like food!I will try to get some really great stuff for you!And hope we can all have a lot of fun!This is my first page. So bear with me,as we grow together.I plan on having a lot of different things on my page.Hopefully something for everyone.Even guys! I hope. Lets talk about "Food" The kitchen is our most favorite room in the house. This is where all my family and friends gather to share a great meal.And enjoy each others company.And laugh and giggle a lot.It's the place to catch up on the days events and gossip (that's required) You could probley run the world from your kitchen.I think most of the major wheels and deals are made over a dinner table.Breaking bread with someone bonds you! Even if you don't want to be.ha-ha. Here is a idea that worked for me.If you need to get a loan at the bank,instead of sitting in a stuffy office.Ask the loan agent out to lunch.It helps break the ice.And everyone is more comfortable.By the way don't go to McDonalds ha-ha.Go to a restaurant where they bring you the food.Not wrapped in paper.

I want to thank my friend Deanna for pushing (I mean helping) me to start my own page.And of course her 6 month old little boy Skyler.He was sucking on my hand so I wouldn't be nervous.He's so cute!!!! Thank you both.Back to food I will try and help you find things or just try and help.I want to set up a place so we can recipe swap!! That's my favorite. A tip when you are cooking pasta put a little oil in the water.It will keep the noodles from sticking together.Especially big lasagne noodles.The links below are dedicated to my friends..Helen..For all your knowledge and help..That you have given to me over the years...And always having just the right pots and pans..I desperaterly need....And for always being there~~WHEN I NEED YOU!!!!! Thank You!!!!! Martha (S) She loves food as much as I do.!! Thank you for coming to the school and helping me when you get a chance!!! I like it when you come over to play & eat!!!!! I also wanted to say thank you to my friend Bob.He has the patience of a saint.He has helped me through all my awwwwww:s and never complained once!!! He has the most awsome website on the internet!!! Anything you want or need for webtv is there. You have to see this!!

Here it is a typical Sunday! I have a 16 year old son! allways hungry. I must have picked up a couple of more children along the way.They are all ways here.I still love them as my own!! Getting ready for breakfeast. We had french toast,sausage links and orange juice.I tried to make up for the cholesterol by putting out apple & orange slices.But as the boys say (cough cough)
they are allergic to fruit and vegtiables.A lady down the street sent her son up to eat also. She hadn't gone to the store yet!She said I know you are cooking. My house is growing! ha-ha.I had a lady move to follow us one time.She lived below us for 3 years.Her children spent the weekends with us.The girls allways wanted to make cupcakes and lasagne.And play.I moved to a bigger townhouse.Two weeks later,she moved in next door.Said she was hungry.Now we are in a big house.More room.Still not enough. ha-ha.My old neighbor still comes over to eat. Just a big happy family!!! And still growing!!!!

We also have 2 chocolate labs.Otis & Reba.BIG DOGS!!!!And my big babies!!! After 4 years.They finally had 11 puppies on December the first!!! Yeah Grandma!!! We have kept 2....Christine The smart one!!! And KizzMo the goofball!!!!! Oh no~~Now we will have 6 big DOGS!! And a little dog. I'll need a bigger house AGAIN!!

Now we have start getting ready for all the parties!! (Cooking Tip) To determine the freshness of fish,place in cold water.Fresh fish will float.

In our family,at christmas or just about any holiday or just a get together meal! Each of us brings a dish or 2. So we have more time to spend talking to each other.That way not just one person has too do everything.And a lot of times.You only get to see some of your family and friends, once a year at christmas.Now days people are trying to eat foods that are more healthy.The holidays with all the great deserts and eggnog,It makes it hard to turn down all the goodies.Iam a diabetic.Boarderline.Trying to keep it under control with diet.You have to stop eating like an eight year old.(so I leave the whip cream off my double chocolate hot fudge ice cream cake!!)---"I am kidding" OK!!! Make good choices.Well we are all humane.You can't just stop the cravings for ice cream and chocolate!!! My solution to help myself, was to not try and give up everything.I would fail!!! As long as I can have a bite or two of something, I am fine. I don't feel deprived.You have to change your way of eating.It has been great for me.I eat healthy foods. Have more energy.Keep your weight down.That alone is the best.And take a nice brisk walk a day,about 1 hour.Do it for yourself!!!! So when you take your dish to your partys, make something with lower fat content.Like fresh or steamed vegtables.You can make them taste as good or better than dish's with a lot of butter or lard ( I hate that word) There are a lot of great seasoning out there.I gringe when I am at the grocery store, and some one in front of me has a big old can of lard!!! Who thought of useing that gross stuff to start with I bet they weren't around for a long time.I allways remember what one of my friends use to say to me when we were younger.It kinda of stuck.When ever I wanted to eat a candy bar,I would offer her some.And she would say, no thanks it will look better on you than me!!!!! Ha-Ha!!Well that killed the candy bar.Trash can! I still eat a bite or two every now and then.I can make some really good chocolate cakes and pies.Moderation!

"(Cooking tip")..... Discard clams & oysters that do not open after they are steamed or boiled.They maybe contaminated!!

Here are some very special links!! "MUST SEE"

Bob will take care of all your webtv needs.The best of the best!!! Phillips Magnavox Webtv

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