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I cook at a graduate school.I am the only one. Most of the time.It is not instutional.They try and keep it homey.The students stay about 2 weeks at a time.Because they have familys and practices all ready. The are furthering their education.So they go home! And do a lot of corrispondence. Then they come back at a later date. I really love my job,and the people at the school.I get to meet people from all over the world! I buy the food,plan the meals,cook them & clean up! In my spare time (HA-HA) I have a carpet cleaning bussiness. I think I could have a party for 100 people in 15 really had to learn some fast tricks.No pressure here.Especially (my favorite) There will be 60 people for lunch and dinner and over a 100 show up! And you bought enough food for 60.vegtables.You can cut them up for a nice tray! Just like you planned it that way.
Cheese is anthor item, that will make a quick tray. Keep a couple of boxes of different brands of crackers.Like Breton's thin wheat or triscuts.A little special.You can keep a few large cans of greenbeans.You can allways throw in some new (red) potatoes.This is fast and goes a long way and makes the dinner a little nicer.I will write down a lot of recipes on my next page. The more the merrier.Don't stress make it fun!!!! You and the food will come out better. Just keep smiling!! If you get to jittered call Dominos.ha-ha. Holidays are allways hectic.

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