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++++ TUNES ++++

Midi Search Engine!!
So easy!!! Let them do the searching!!!!!!!
They have it all & Cards!!!

Karaoke Online!!
Something to try!!!

Windy's Midi Jukebox!!
Really nice site!!

The Digital Hippie Midi Site!!

Midi For Easy Listening!!
Patricks site..Nice!!

Tboob's Midi Jukebox!!
One of the best over 1400 to choose from!!

Area 51 Index!!
Large selection od midis!!

Z100 Jukebox!!!
Listen to the "MUSIC".Thanks Bob for sending this site!!!

The Midi Music SongBook!!
Sheet music!! Songs of yesteryear!!

Skip's Eagle Nest!!!
This is a really nice midi collection...VERY LARGE SELECTION..I liked it!!

May's Music F-key!!
She has a nice selection!!

Real Audio For Webtv!!

Sound Wav Files!!
Complete Archives!!

Swing Midis!!
Great music!!! They have a very nice selection....

Lassen Technologies!!!
Large selection of hymns and other religious music!!!

Music Relief Association!!!
Where the midis have gone!!

HonkeyTonk's Country Classics!!
Very large site!!! Just about every country song in the world!!! Works well with Webtv!!

Shirley's World of favorite midi music!!
Love songs...great music!!! Go see!!

The Greatest Love Songs!!
They really have some nice songs.And they have the words with it..And String Music!!Ewww!!
Linkable Midies!!!
Very nice site!! Well done!!! Easy to use!!

Music for your cards!!
Very large selection of music!! Thanks Pat!!

Oldies & Old School Jams!!!
Way keewl site..Do you remember when?? Thank you Dori!!!

A Passion for Jazz!!
Really nice selection..

Antonyo's Midi f-key!!
A hugh selection,,,,of all varities,,of music!!! Wonderful site!! Thanks sooo much Judy!!

Love Songs
Nice....Thank you Dori!!

BECKY & DAVE'S Music Room!!!
Continuous play Jute Box..Tons of wonderful music!!! Jazz~Blues~Oldies~Thank ya kindly Judy!!
Vegasgal's Soft Music!!!
Mood music!! And links!!
Real Audio....Very Nice!!!
Soft Sounds From Cruise_2000 And Slickrick!!
Thank you Judy for this great site!!
Thank you again Judy!!! For this wonderful site..Large list of links!!!
Classical Music Links!!!
Thanks again Judy for another great site!!!
VERY NICE!!! Large selection of all kinds of music!!!

Theme Music

Shamrock's Music Page!!
Irish Midis!!
The Haunted Jukebox!!!
Nice sounding Halloween music!! Check it out!!
Christmas Midis!!
With the words..also..nice!!
Sky's Christmas Wav's!!
Sounds Great!!

Band's Websites

Aerosmith's Site!!!
AeroForce One!! They are the best rock and roll band!!

Eagle's Website~Desperado!!

Jimi Hendrix!!


Niel Young!!

Marshall Tucker Band!!!

Deep Purple!!!



Elton John!!

Led Zeppelin!!

Eric Clapton!!

Jimmy Buffet!!

Moody Blues!!

The Rolling Stones!!

Pink Floyd!!


Bruce SpringSteen & The E Street Band!!

Brian Wilson!!

Beach Boys!!

Alvin Lee & Ten Years After!!

Lynyrd Skynyrd!!

Limp Bizkit!!



Jerry Garcia!!


Iron Maiden!!