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E-Mail Lingo Smileys Emoticons!!
This has all the signs..This is a way cool place...Go learn~E-mail Lingo..
Animated Names!!
Very-Very nice..lots of links to choose from!!! Just about do anything!!
Sweet N Sassy's Gifs Galore!!
Very cute gifs!! Lots of different areas to choose from...This is a must!!! Go there!!!
Awesome midevil gifs!! Wonderful site!!
Hugh list of gifs..animals & Christian..Just everything!! Thank you Dori!!!
Zoda's Area!!
Top of the line!! Lots of help!!!Thank you Judy!!!
SultryRose Email Signatures!!!
Very beautiful signatures!!One of the best!!!
WebTv ToyBox!!!
""AWESOME""Teaching all the keewl stuff~~for your site!! JUST GOTTA SEE!!! Thank ya so very much Judy!!
Jack's F-Keys!!!
Very useful site.Lots of help. And a lot of links!! Thanks again Judy!!
Pulies F key Savers!!
Very Very Very nice list of holiday graphic sites!!
Witchy's Place!!!
Gifs are really nice here!!! She has done a great job!!! Fun stuff!!! Great place to visit!!
Dori Dew's Index Page!!
Most awesome help site!!! She has everything for webtv..And made it easy to understand!! You must go and see for yourself!!! Thank you soooo much Janine!!
Built with a Webtv!!!
This site is truly a gift!! It is wonderful!!! Live cams,Help,Games...I couldn't begin to name all this site has 2 offer..You will definately love it!!! Thanks Judy for sending this great place!!
Kathy's Signature Links!!
Fantastic!!! She has 4000 links!! You will most definatly find one or two!!!Thanks Kathy!!! Yes I voted for €€YOU
Rough Kitty's E-mail Tags!!!
Redondoguy's Resort!!!
~~Most special place!!! Tony has games~Midis~links..Just a wonderful place..Please don't miss this goodie!!
Stationery Heaven!!
This is really cool.Put Stationery on our E-Mail....Thanks so much Janine!!
Lady Timeless Signatures!!!!
This is one of the best I have ever seen....Uniquie.."AWESOME"
GranGran's This and That!!!
Fantastic..She has the best graphics!!! Which she has made herself!! Calling Cards!!Inspirational Poems..Great place!!!!
Blue Tigerr's Links!!!!!!
"OMG" you have to see this site!!! It is state of the art!! They have their own transloader~Signature Maker~Can't wait to try it..Paula's site will floor you!!!! Lots of helpful goodies here...Links..So many treasures..Just go there!! My description..doesn't come close to this Fantastic site....