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Kimlan Soy Sauce!!
Sample! & Recipes!!
Hi ProSports Energy!!!
Get a free sample!!!
They have e-mail service.They will inform you of the latest food recalls & food allergy informative as it becomes available.
Weird Recipes!!
Check them out!!!!
Coupon Page!!!
Local & national!!! Print them from your computer!!
Extraterrestrial and Bizzare Recipes!!!
Funny!!!! Thanks Pat for sending this great site!!
1st Travelers Choice Internet Cookbook!!!!!
Dee sent this fantastic site!!!! Thank you very much!!
The Offical Sandwich Homepage!!
Lots of Sandwiches..And Fun!! Thanks to BoB.For sending this site!!!
Amethyst's Cookie Jar!!!
This site seems to have a thousand cookie recipes!!!! This lady is very talented!! YUMMY!!
Pepsi Please!!
A little of Pepsi's history!!
~Monique's Hideway~!!
Wonderful site..Tips,Recipes..And lots of goodies!!!
Steph's Country Kitchen Goodness!!!
Lots of great information!!! Wonderful Place!!!
Top Secret Recipes!!!
Lots of those wonderful recipes,,From your favorite eating places!!
Heartwarming Holiday Stories and Poems!!
Cute family site!! Great cookie recipes..And cookie recipes for- in a jar!!
Great site!!! Lots of interesting tips and recipes!!
Dwight Yoakam's Bakerfield Biscuits!!
The recipes look great!! I am going to try the biscuit recipe later..He even has a recipe for Squirrel..Gonna skip that one!! haha,,Couldn't catch me one anyway!! Now if Dewight wanted to mosey on over and make his special squirrel recipe..I would be willing to give it a try!! Well it really is his mom's recipe..No offence..I would rather Dwight came..haha
Valentine recipes!!!Kids & Fun!!!
Are You Drinking Enough Water??żż?
MY Grocery Check List!!
Now you won't forget!! And other helpful tips!! Thanks April~Cool~Site~

Everything "KITCHEN"!!!!
Most awesome cooking site...Colleen..has everything!! Her site just blew me away!! Don't miss it!!!

All about food~Unusual Cakes!!
This site has lots & Lots of different goodies!! Thank you sooo much Margie for this great site!!

Very large selection of recipes...A million of my favorite caseroles!!

Ready Crust!!
They have some yummy sounding recipes!!

More Fun Sites!!
A "HUGE" List of food sites!! And lots of "JUST STUFF"

Arielle's Recipe Archives!!!
Thank you April for this wonderful site!!! Lots & Lots of great recipes too choose from!!!