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Send More Cards & Greetings!!!

Divine World Missionary!!
Lots of great cards to choose from!!
Ocean's World!!!
She has beautiful greetings!!
Mom's Place!!
Awesome~~Really Cute!!
The Fun Side!!
This place is great! Really cool cards! New cards added just about everyday!!
The 4th Dimension!!
Off the wall!! Funny!!! Midis!!
Free Cards for Music Lovers!!
Just about any band you can think of!!!¤¤Aerosmith¤¤ Really awesome place!!!
These are some of my favorite things!!!
Janine has some of the beautifulist pages!! VISIT!!
The Rest Stop!!!
Funny & unique greetings!!!
Jus' Place!!!
Cute & funny greetings!!!
Love this site!!!
Lots & Lots of Wonderful & Funny Greetings!!!
Closer to the heart!!!!
One of kind!!! Excellent!!!
Greetings from the heart!!
Awesome greetings!!!
Pix Website Family Fun!!
SOOOOOOO FUNNY!! Wonderful cartoons!! And Captions!!
111 Greetings.Com!!!
So funny and Cute!!
Only A Shadow's Web Pages!!!!
Really beautiful greetings...Very Nice!!!
Fun place~Color your own picture...then e-mail it to a friend!!! Thank you Dori for sending this cool site!!!
Ruth Ann's Moments of Memories!!!
This site has very loving pages!!!! This is really a wonderful place!!!!
Lots of fantatic poems and greetings!!! You will enjoy this site!! Thanks Pat for sending this site!!!
Lots of fun!!! Go see!!
Welcome To SunySmiles Home!!!

The WILD_HaLF"S Domain!!!!!
Friendship Certificate~~Cat Shrine~~Lots of goodies!!
Greetings and beautiful poems!!!
Prairie Frontier!!
Unique and cool cards!!
Very large selection of very very awesome cards!!!
Card Factory!!!
Create your own Card!!!! Fun!!
Fill in the blanks~~Oh such Romance!!!
Poof Cat's!!!!
This is one of the top 10 sites on the internet!!! She has really put her heart and soul into her pages!!!
The Net "Hutch"!!!
This site is soooo super special...Cc Rabbit....Is sooo tallented..You must go and see her special place!!
Musictoons & Musical Messages!!!
What a fantastic site!!! The have lots of WONDERFUL greetings...Do not miss this site!!!!
Kissed By An Angel!!!!!
Just beautiful!!!! Lots of treasures!!!! Please visit!!