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Thank you very much for my award it makes me feel very special!!!

Isn't it keeeewl

Thank you again!!!!

More Wonderful Awards!!!

3/15/99 Thank Very Very Much!!!
4/5/99 I am so very proud!! Thank you!!!! Mr.Tom Horne.

4/19/99 Thank you George!!! I am very honored!!!

My Favorite Award!!!!!

These Awward are most honored!!! It comes from a beautiful person..With the biggest heart of anyone I have ever met!!! Kathy....Thank you very much!! Ya big sweety!!! 4/22/99~~5/22/99~~Kathy~~has graced me with more awards!! You are such a special person!! Thank you sooooo much!!Please Visit Kathy's Homepage so you can see just how special she is!!

The Koffee House......

Then Koffee's Gif Shop....

Kathy's Abc's & 123's.......

Thank You Very Much!!!! €€€May My Friend!! 5/30/99

Thank you Amy!!! I am very proud!!! 6/3/99

Thanxs Rhonda...I am so very honored!!! 7/4/99

Sandy!!! Thank you so very much for this beautiful eagle award!!!! I am proud!!! 8/25/99

Sandy!!! Thank you for blessing me once again!! 10/31/99

Don~~~~~~~Thank You!!! For This Honor!!! 9/20/99

Thank you so much for your kind words and honoring me with your award!!! 2/20/2000